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airtel payment bank customer care number

Airtel customer care 24*7 support and Email is or call us from your registered mobile number at Airtel customers dial in 400, and Non-Airtel customers dial in 8800688006.

Airtel Payments Bank Account Opening Some Instructions

If you can open Airtel Payments Bank Account Then Need To Go Airtel Payments Bank Office Or You Can Search Near Airtel Payment Bank KYC Shop.

  • How to open and The requirements for opening an Airtel Payments Bank Account?

Aadhaar card and active mobile number are required to open the Airtel Payments Bank account through the Aadhaar biometric authentication process. While onboarding the customer, he is also asked to share his PAN Card number.

  • How to open and What can a customer do with his/her Airtel Payments Bank Account?

Airtel payment bank user can deposit and withdraw by the airtel payment bank account and can shop by the debit card or other online payment accepting shop and many more.

  • How to open and How can a customer deposit cash in his/her account?

Customers can deposit cash at any Airtel Payments Banking Point with just a Secure KEY. security is nothing but an OTP sent to the customer’s mobile after the Banking Point clicks on Cash deposit and enters the customer’s mobile number followed by the amount to be deposited.

  • How to open and How can a customer withdraw cash from his/her Airtel Payments Bank Account?

Customers can withdraw cash at any Airtel Payments Bank Banking Point through the Aadhaar biometric authentication process, with just a finger scan.

  • How to open and How can customers send/transfer money from one Airtel Payments Bank Account to another account?

Customer can transfer money using any of the following methods:

My Airtel App: Airtel Payments Bank section

IVR: Dial 400 from registered mobile number 8800688006 (all customers)

USSD: Dial *400# from registered mobile number

  • How to open and How can a customer reset mPIN for his Payments Bank account? 

Assisted: Banking Point can reset customer’s mPIN through Airtel Mitra App Steps to be followed by Banking Point: Airtel Mitra App -> Airtel Payments Bank main menu -> “mPIN reset customer” -> Banking Point asks for biometric finger scan for authentication -> authentication successful -> Customer gets temporary mPIN -> Customer can change mPIN through IVR or by dialing *400# or via My Airtel App’s Airtel Payments Bank section.

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