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The Best SEO Tools in 2020 to Rank One on Google:

What are the best SEO tools SEO sometimes can seem very difficult confusing and overwhelming, so many things to take into account so many variables and if you miss one little detail you might get everything wrong and waste all your efforts plus many times you don’t know If what you’re doing is right or why even if you’re putting all your efforts results I’m not coming well if the description I just said reminded abate your situation you’re probably using the wrong SEO tools or you not using tools at all big mistake, in fact, there are some tools that can make your life much much much easier and so all of your SEO problems they let you know what you’re doing wrong what you should do to rank first they find opportunities and track your current situation I would even say that they are essential to succeed in this competitive SEO market,


So what are the best SEO tools well in order to find that out I also want to tell you what kind of tools you need first of all you need the pro tool to do proper keyword research might seem easy you just have to type some ideas on a keyboard suggester you find a keyword that you like and there we go done absolutely not it’s not just a matter of volume and how many people type that keyword of Google there is an incredibly long list of things you should take into account when finding the right keyword in order to avoid focusing on a keyword you can’t realistically run for you need to look at the citation flow of your competitors that trust flow the number of backlinks they have the quality of those backlinks the page
Authority domain Authority and so much more or you could simply use an intelligent and advanced keyword research tool that will make your life easier my absolute favorite and the one I always use is the keyword research tool developed by Mongoose apart from the fact that is extremely easy to use user-friendly and that they update the data every day while the other tools do it occasionally the other tools show you just a bunch of numbers or they just say low competition high competition it’s too generic this one has a keyword difficulty score from 0 to 100 so you have a specific number that instantly tells you if you really can or can’t run for that keyword and it’s extremely precise so you don’t have to guess you know exactly if you can or can’t rank for that keyword and you know it’s straight away I put the link of this to in the description of this video second you need a tool that analyzes your website and your pages and as a proper detailed technical SEO audit telling you what’s wrong and what’s right in your website there are loads of tools out there doing this but here’s my absolute favorite look how it works you just put your link.

And then it tells you everything you need to know first of all you have a quick grade that tells you radio how’s the health status of your website and how’s the health of the various parts of the audit usability performance security etc then it tells you an extremely detailed technical audit highlighting what you already optimized and what you should still optimize it tells you how fast your website is how shared your website is on social media and your 
security status but the best thing of all that to my knowledge no other tool like this has is that at the end of the report you have a step-by-step list of suggestions of what you should do to improve everything and ranked first on Google all these tips are ranked by priority so you know straight away what you should do first that is more urgent and it’s affecting the most your rankings and you’re not missing anything without this tool you might do.

Everything in perfect but you’re missing one single thing and that single thing is affecting all of your SEO and is not making you rank again the link of this tool is in the description of this video third you need a tool to track your rankings I guess you know that the results you see when you type a keyword on Google are biased depending on your search so before you
get too excited by seeing your website in a high position make sure you do a proper tracking and also you don’t want to wake up every day and write down on a note where your website is ranked today plus if you once it has loads of pages maybe has a blog how can you keep track of all of them manually there is a tool for that this is my favorite tool for this and it’s another tool inside the Mongoose collection so basically it’s the same program that we used before for keyword research look how it works you can constantly keep track of the keywords your website is ranking for all the keywords you want to rank for you quickly see the current position of your website the daily change.


And all the graphs and data you need about changes of ranking over time your overall performance and finally the estimated visits per month that each keyword brings you so you know where your efforts are paid off and where you should focus more no other tool has this last feature once again the link of this tool is in the description of this video fourth you need a tool that tells you how many and what backings does a website have either yours or your competitors website and tells you your overall of page SEO status once again my favorite tool for this is another one of the Mongoose collection look how it works you type the link of any website and it tells you straight away the backlink status of this website how many backlinks it has and then a complete list of all those backlinks in this list you can straightaway see the page where the backlink is the anchor text that they used the SEO details of the website.

And I think that no other tool does a quick score from zero to a hundred of how powerful the backlink is you already know where to find this tool right in the description of this video and here’s my fifth and last tool do you want to know what a competitor is doing how powerful it is what the reason of the tool developed by auguste for that and it allows you to do a proper in-depth analysis of everything domain Authority Alexa rank a backlink profile their varying domains top content and a very very useful list of competitors you can use it to find your competitors I don’t have to tell you again where you can find the link of this tool right as you noticed I’m quite biased with the Mongoose tools but it’s because I honestly think that they are the best SEO tools out there during my five years working in SEO.


I used all the tools available and these are by far the best they have everything that the other tools have plus more they are new and innovative therefore they are far beyond the other tools plus all the tools developed by angles are linked to each other so you have a complete 360 degrees mega tool that helps you with literally everything and make sure you rank number one on Google it’s kind of like having your own personal SEO consultant so these were the best SEO tools out there once again the links are in the description of this video if you liked this video please subscribe to my channel I post regular content regarding SEO and I teach every aspect of it both for beginners and for advanced SEO professionals to see you soon.

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