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Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohkalikai Falls

From the point of view, once I checked out this falls, I believed it’s simply another falls flowing. however, as I looked around and saw the complete read I used to be unarticulate. it is a lush inexperienced cowl over the highest and therefore the pearly white flow of water amidst the leaf was the purpose to speak concerning. From the highest as I saw the place whereby the water post dropping from such an enormous height is forming a blue colored lake. on behalf of me it is a miracle as in my life this was the primary time once I selected to ascertain this falls on its full flow down the trail. visit the point of view takes not very much like the roads square measure fine here.

At 335 meters, Nohkalikai which accurately interprets to ‘Jump of Ka Likai’ is that the highest plunge falls in India and therefore the fourth highest within the world. The tragic tale behind the name tells the story of a Khasi maiden known as Likai UN agency who lived within the village of Rangjyrteh upstream of the falls. single with a young girl, Likai remarried within the hopes of providing a father figure for her kid. Like took over her dead husband’s job of a porter carrying a lot of iron to Shylet and spent most of her day operating. What very little time she might spare back home was spent showering her young girl together with her attention and love. The new husband was desirous and resentful of the actual fact that Likai paid a lot of attention to the kid than him and set to require matters into his own hands. someday whereas Likai was off to figure, the husband shredded the kid into items and stewed her flesh discard the top and bones however forgot one in all the cut fingers within the yuan (betel nut) basket.

Hungry and tired when a protracted day’s work, Likai eaten up the delicious curry ready for her. Noticing the absence of her girl, Likai set to travel seek for her when she finished off her meal with a chunk of yuan. To her horror, she discovered the cut finger within the yuan basket and therefore the realization dawned on her that she had eaten her own kid. Stricken with grief and dismay, Likai ran out of the house brandishing a wait (hatchet) to forestall folks from stopping her as she ran towards the sting of the falls. At the purpose wherever the falls leaps off the drop, Likai threw herself over the sting and plunged to her death.

Nohkalikai Falls Overview:

Just 5kms from the most city of Cherrapunji (locally called Sohra), Nohkalikai waterfalls is one in all the foremost common tourer attractions within the city. The short drive from the middle of the city through a high upland can take you to the read purpose wherever you’ll be able to park your vehicle and so take photos from a number of wonderful viewpoints. The viewing gallery provides a bird’s eye view of the falls encircled by lush leaves. simply close to the point of view, you may realize the steps from wherever you’ll trek down Capitol Hill to induce a more robust and nearer read of the Nohkalikai falls, cascading down into a pool-like formation of clear turquoise water. The steps finish nearly halfway down and to induce a more in-depth read, you need to be ready for a reasonably long trek and therefore the probability of obtaining wet.

Remaining at the point of view won’t do justice to the whole expertise of Nohkalikai and may solely be more explored by 2 treks – one that takes you to the sting of the falls, whereas the opposite takes you to its bottom. The trek to the sting of the falls takes concerning two hrs and maybe a once in a very period expertise ought to have some time. It involves Associate in Nursing initial walk across flat open grass-covered fields followed by a descent down a hill coated with inexperienced forests when that you may end up jumping and crawl over large boulders on a fossil coated watercourse bed. on the manner, clear streams flow on the watercourse bed interrupted currently and so by natural blue water pools that stimulate and invite you for a fast dip. What awaits you at the top may be a breathless read of India’s highest plunge falls. variety of wood ladders are placed by the locals to ease the climb up and down the boulders and scale back most of the crawl and rise. although at one purpose throughout the walk, you would possibly have to be compelled to virtually crawl through a hole within the rock shaped by the flowing water and additionally crawl make a copy.

En-route to the mouth of the Nohkalikai waterfalls, you may stumble upon a good looking three-tier falls called the Tlai waterfalls. to require within the full great thing about this falls, you would like to venture to the highest and perch yourself on the sting because the opaque froth flows down through the rocks and a random jet of clear fresh sprays you often. this is often a perfect spot for a possibility before continued ahead to the mouth of the Nohkalikai Falls. From the Tali falls, you may get to walk for an additional thirty minutes on the watercourse bed to achieve the mouth of Nohkalikai. Once you reach the mouth of the falls, you may dumbstruck by the sheer drop of the falls. Going and sitting virtually at the sting of the falls wherever Likai jumped to her death could be thrilling however not recommended. native Volunteers can make sure that selfie-seekers don’t venture too close to the sting particularly since it’s quite slippery and one tiny slip would possibly cause fateful results.

The other trek that takes you to rock bottom of the Nohkalikai Falls is far trickier, particularly throughout the rainy reason. it’s a steep go down boulders and rocks on the mountain path with the occasional flat grass-covered spots. the trail will get very slippery when the rains and {you can|you’ll|you may} realize that you simply will have to be compelled to much crawl your manner down. Once you reach rock bottom and you’re greeted by the inviting turquoise water of the pool-like formation at rock bottom of the falls, all thoughts of the trek down can dissipate. Instead, you may be enticed to leap into the water as you stare up the falls and obtain engulfed within the witching,
cleansing spray. you’ll be able to even take a picnic hamper with you all the way down to the bottom. Tucking into your lunch appears most a lot of fulfilling with the roar of the falls and a gurgling stream for the corporate. the complete trek up and down can take concerning four hrs, as well as waiting time at rock bottom.


This falls will be reached from Sohra simply by cab or personal vehicle. Sohra or Cherrapunji additionally popularly called the ‘the Rainiest Place on Planet Earth’ is concerning 90kms from the town of Shillong. The three-hour drive from Shillong to Sohra may be a witching drive through mist-covered hills on winding roads with sheer drops gap bent on stunning lush coated valleys.


Nature Lovers / image Fanatics / expertise Seekers / journey Seekers


The total trip might value concerning Rs 2000-Rs 3000 for the tour supported the length and kind of car employed to require you there. If you’re reaching to keep back, you may get to assign an extra Rs 4000-6000 for food & lodging.



The nearest airdrome is at Shillong that is eighty kilometers away


The non-public taxi is obtainable from Shillong to fall that is 2hours Drive


The nearest depot is at Shillong that is an eighty-one kilometer away


Monsoon season is that the best time to go to Nohkalikai once the falls square measure in its full type. However, the Trek Walk to the mouth and base of Nohkalikai will solely be worn out the winter months until the beginning of the monsoons once the flow of water is a smaller amount (October to March). throughout monsoons, this space is inaccessible thanks to the exaggerated water level.


It is recommended to start out of the treks early and make sure that you retain a minimum of 3-4 hours time before sunset at five p.m. If you propose solely on searching for the wherever the clouds stop to clear the sky and drops of rains still fall on your screen within the majestic viewpoint, then check that you reach throughout the afternoon once it’s presumably to not be coated in fog.


You would want a complete of 2-3 hours to achieve Sohra (Cherrapunji) from Shillong wherever you’ll be able to visit the point of view to ascertain Nohkalikai Falls. If you propose to travel on any treks, check that you reach there early if you would like it to be a half-day activity. However, a 1-night keep is suggested if you’re watching exploring the city of Sohra and occurring some treks. Guesthouses, homestays, and hotels that suit all sorts of budget square measure lots and simply accessible with feeder and non-vegetarian choices offered.


At the car parking zone close to the Nohkalikai Viewpoint, you’ll be able to get various things from the celebrated oranges and honey of Sohra to native spices and handicrafts. There square measure 2 tiny restaurants that offer tea and basic snacks. Packed snacks and drinks also are offered, however, you may be asked to pay over the worth written on them.


Visit the near village of Nongriat, home to the Double Decker Root Bridge by taking the way-out path from Nohkalikai Falls. you’ll additionally soak up the sights of alternative waterfalls within the region just like the Seven Sisters Falls and therefore the Dainthlen Falls, take practice the Mawsmai and Arwah Caves and have a pleasant picnic lunch at Thangkharang Park.


Guests square measure spoiled for an alternative at Sohra because it has ample lodging choices to suit any budget starting from basic homestays like La Kupar hostel, Guesthouses like evergreen Resort and up to high-end Hotels like Polo flower Resort and Jiva Resort.


Also called the Seven Sister Falls, this falls is one in all its kind and beauty to appear at. particularly throughout the time of year, it’s a full flow of fall. Whereas within the winter season it will fall with a lesser quantity of water.


This fall is that the just one that carried water even throughout the winters, whereas all the others in Cherrapunjee were dry. The story behind the name is heartrending. an excellent place to go to. The near restaurants provide nice food.

DISTANCE: Around fifty-five kilometers from Shillong.

TIMINGS: twenty-four hours.

PRICE: Entry is freed from value.

LOCATION: Sohra, Meghalaya 793108, India, Cherrapunji

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